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Red Yeast Nan Yang Herbal Soups

In 2000, Red Yeast created the medicinal essence soup, and became the first clinical medicinal to create a comprehensive medicinal meal with a classic prescription.

The only professional Medical Herbal Soups in Malaysia

Red Yeast Nan Yang Herbal Soup is the only professional medical food in Malaysia based on health cultivation, diagnosing according to individual constitutions, and complementing the treatment of the body with professional prescriptions.

Yao-Shan is more like “Medical Food”, is defined as a “food” which is formulated to be consumed under the supervision of a physician ,and whish is intended for the specific dietary management for which distinctive nutritional requirements , based on recognized scientific principles and TCM Clinical Records.
Through the use of carefully selected fresh ingredients and scientifically concentrated traditional Chinese medicines to cooked into a fine soup, which uses the ancient method of decoction combined with modern cooking to meet the tastes of Malaysians.
Now we have commercialized the Medical Herbal Soup, through high-tech packaging and processing, to achieve door-to-door delivery, delicious and effective supplementation. 

First Ever

The combination of scientifically concentrated herbs and fresh ingredients retains the original flavor in the remedy. No steroids, no preservatives, no sugar, pure and natural without additives, can be enjoyed without worry.

Efficient Tonic

Red Yeast YaoShan Premium Soups has the function of nourishing the five organs, nourishing Yin, moistening, eliminating food, draining the liver, relieving symptoms, clearing heat and relieving summer heat, etc., and the primary purpose is to nourish the body, adjust and change the physique.

Fast Serving

Red Yeast YaoShan Premium soups is packed in a high-tech -40°C vacuum pack to preserve their original flavour essence. After heating for 3 to 5 minutes, you can enjoy your delicious medicinal soup.

Great Taste

Unlike traditional medicine, the Red Yeast YaoShan Premium’s rich soup does not contain any bitterness and is as smooth and delicious as freshly simmered chicken soup.

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Founder of Red Yeast

-Dr Ngiam Chee Jieh

Dr. Ngiam Chee Jieh is the CEO of Nourish-Tech Chinese Medical Centre and the founder of Red Yeast.

Graduated from a 5 years Internal Medicine Degree program at Fujian Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has extensive education in both Chinese and Western medicine. Studied pulse diagnosis and acupuncture.

In 2000, Dr.Ngiam established the Red Yeast Medical Food Department, which is the first to combine herbs and clinical focus in Malaysia. According to the data from March 2018, Red Yeast has documented more than 80,000 records,  developed over 63 recipes and more than 30 kinds of  Medical Herbal Soup, which are based on traditional prescriptions and experimental prescriptions with the addition and subtraction of therapeutic features.

In 2004, Dr.Ngiam was the guest of honor on multiple TV programs by RTM, 8TV, and Astro such as <Medical Food 13 Series >, <Eve’s Diary> ,< Living Delight>, <84Hotspot>, <Comfort Food Recipes>, <HoChiak>, <Galeri Mandarin>, etc.

In 2006, Red Yeast YaoShan Medicine Teams started to Creating Confinement Soups, Confinement Meals, and 13 Soups Recipe.

In 2016, Establish <Pine House Medical Food Class> , <Hainan Cuisine Fine Dining>, <Yue Hong’s Private Kitchen> and <Nanyang Kung Fu Tea> online livestream classes for various health insights and herbal culinary teachings.

In 2019, We started mass production of <Confinement Soup> and <Cordyceps Sinensis with Chicken Essence Soup>, which uses blast-freeze packaging technology.

In 2020, Red Yeast Medical Herbal Soup established 6 more <NanYang Herbal Soups> and 9 of <NanYang Premium Soups Series>,which is total 17 kinds of Herbal Soups ,we call it  <Nanyang Soups Series>.

The third generation of a medical family, with a foundation of over 50 years in "Nourish-Tech Chinese Medical Centre." Initially developing medical food for his daughter's congenital heart disease, then established "Red Yeast." By combining traditional prescriptions, medicinal herbs, and culinary techniques, he continuously brings highly effective and delicious medical soups to everyone. This has shattered the stereotype of traditional medicinal cuisine and created medical herbal soups that are as flavorful as chicken soup.



Dr. Ngiam C.J Aaron

Red Yeast was founded in 2000, initially originating from a unique medical food restaurant , providing delicious medical food to everyone.

The first professional Medicinal Soup restaurant in Malaysia adopts high-tech concentrated Chinese medicine to create delicious, healthy, and effective medicinal soups.

Red Yeast affiliated with “Nourish-Tech Chinese Medical Centre”

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