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Book title: “Happy Life Series-Repairing Taste Buds“

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This course is rich in content. Not only did he introduce the dietary principles of traditional Chinese medicine, he also introduced the secret recipe of "Restore Taste in Seven Days - Longevity Soup". We emphasize the importance of managing health and wealth crises in life. Our goal is to inspire people to adopt a more positive attitude towards diet and lifestyle, establishing practices that contribute to overall health. Activities include on-site doctor consultation, free fruit baskets, Lifecare service guides, and introduction to the food and nutrition lunch box of the RedYeast workshop - "Hainan Chicken Rice ".
Event highlights :
Cuisine: Satisfy your taste buds with dishes made from fresh, organic ingredients .
Farm Experience: Immerse yourself in farm life and gain insight into the growing and harvesting of organic ingredients.
Health Insights: Health experts will share insights into the positive effects of organic food on the mind and body .
Interactive communication: discuss with like-minded people, share experiences, and pursue health and happiness together.
Join us for enjoyable culinary experiences, organic farming tours, health enlightenment and interactive networking, all designed to promote healthier, happier lives.

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