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“Nanyang Confinement Soup” was officially launched with a series of packaging in the market on January 29, 2019. After using traditional Chinese medicine in confinement for more than 20 years, Redyeast has sorted out the best six-stage formula for confinement soup through countless postpartum mothers’ consumption, forming the most complete series of conditioning. “Confinement Soups” includes 30 bowls of soup, divided into six stages, with concentrated chicken essence added. It does not require cooking or processing, or any additional ingredients. It can be consumed by simply heating it up. Red Yeast Confinement Soups adheres to the concept of “mother first, baby second”. The mother’s body must first be restored in stages within a short period, including physical strength, lactation, increased nutrient absorption, metabolic function, and balanced visceral function, to help the mother maintains excellent physical fitness. Taking care of the baby and bringing warmth and joy to the family.

Nan Yang confinement soups are added with fresh chicken meat and stewed for long hours. TCM granules are then added to blend with the essence of chicken, making the soups aromatic, tasty and wholesome.

Nan Yang Herbal Essences & Nan Yang Herbal Soup

Nan Yang Herbal Soup & Herbal Essence is a classification of formula functions. Medical soup belong to the general category, designed for various body constitutions and widely applied. Meanwhile, the Nanyang Herbal Essence are relatively targeted, formulated not only for body constitutions but also specific symptoms. These soups feature unique proportions exclusive to Red Yeast and have been used in clinical treatment and conditioning for 23 years. The proprietary formulas and precious herbal ingredients used in these soups are patented by Red Yeast. Both nourishing and special soups can be widely used in the market, allowing you to select the most suitable medicinal soup based on your specific needs.

7 Daily Needs

After serving our customers at Red Yeast for decades, we began seeking high-quality ingredients for our dining plate. Due to the varying quality of ingredients and seasonings in the market, it was challenging to maintain specific quality standards. As a result, the Red Yeast Team decided to go back to the source and spent several years researching and sourcing each product’s origin. We redefined the quality of ingredients from perspectives such as production processes, nutrition, culinary technology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary principle. This led to the development of the “Seven Daily Needs” series, which ensures a solid foundation for our kitchen supply chain. With this initiative, we aim to provide every customer with clear, trustworthy, and secure choices in their dining experience.

All our products come with detailed information, offering comprehensive insights into the sourcing, production, packaging, and cooking methods of every ingredient. We have carefully crafted courses for each category of ingredients, including wood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea. This commitment to transparency and professionalism ensures that our customers can dine with confidence and peace of mind.

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