Title: “Exploring the Miracles of dietary therapy: Every Bite of healthy food “
Attend our “Food Remedies are that simple” workshop where we aim to spread awareness about the nutritional benefits of dietary therapy . Explore the nutritional value of various ingredients, delve into 17 nourishing soups, and discover the recipe that’s best for you. Through different types of meal combinations, we address common health concerns and make it easy for you to master the secrets of dietary therapy.
From “Dietary Therapy” to “Diet and Recuperation“
In Red Yeast workshops, we will not only discuss medicinal aspects, but also focus on the role of food. As the saying goes, “Diseases come from the mouth,” emphasizing that the food we eat, will plays a vital role in our health.
“Dietary therapy” originated from long before of various dynasties, and the specialties of each era were influenced by the existing food supply chain. Contrary to common misunderstanding, historical medical literature mainly emphasizes the use of “food” and “herbal ingredients“. Since new era after the Ming dynasty, diet therapy involves cooking techniques which combine and emphasize the five properties of color, aroma, taste, nourishment, and healing. It is not only the effect of traditional chinese medicine, but also the nutritional value of ingredients. The enhancement of body functions through cooking techniques. Therefore, our lunch box, referred to as “dietary and recuperation”, uses scientific methods to select and match food to nourish the body and maintain health.
Why we named the lunch box as “Herbal Living Food”?
“Food nutrition” means to use scientific methods to maintain the nutrition of food to nourish the body and maintain health. It is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, which recognizes that food has different properties, tastes and effects. Through proper combination and consumption, the purpose of regulating the balance of yin and yang in the human body, enhancing physical fitness and immunity, and preventing and treating diseases can be achieved. With the enhancement of people’s health awareness, the concept of “diet and recuperation” has received more and more attention and recognition.
In our “Diet Therapy Is That Simple” workshop, our food nutrition meal boxes will guide you to understand and experience the nutritional value of ingredients. We also explore 17 nourishing soups to discover your personalized recipes. Through diet combinations, we solve common health problems and make you more easy to master the secrets of dietary therapy.

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