Confinement Soups

Welcome to Red Yeast’s Confinement Soups online store Malaysia. We specially prepare confinement soups to help new mothers get ready for pregnancy and after giving birth. With confinement soups by Red Yeast, mothers can get recovery from the postpartum uterus and boost recuperation during the confinement period. We use high-tech rapid freezing methods on the confinement soups, in order to maintain the freshness and flavor of chicken soup, while preserving it for at least 18 months. Choose Red Yeast’s Confinement Soups. You no longer need to brew medicinal herbal soup on your own! Just a few simple steps, and you can enjoy the hot and steaming confinement soups. Explore Confinement Soups online store Malaysia by Red Yeast to purchase and taste the unique Nan Yang medicinal cuisine flavor.

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