Nan Yang Herbal Soups

Welcome to Red Yeast’s Medical Herbal Soups online store Malaysia to purchase and taste the Nan Yang Herbal Soups Malaysia. Red Yeast carefully selected fresh medicinal ingredients and scientifically concentrated traditional Chinese medicines to cook into a fine soup – Medical Herbal Soups, combining ancient method of decoction with modern cooking. These herbal concoctions are designed to nourish the five internal organs, replenish Yin, moisturize, aid digestion, soothe the liver, dispel exterior factors, clear heat, and relieve summer heat, offering a means of health cultivation and physique enhancement. Unlike traditional medicine, Red Yeast’s Nan Yang Herbal Soups Malaysia does not contain any bitterness and is as smooth and delicious as freshly simmered chicken soup. In addition, there is no steroid, no preservative, no sugar, pure and natural without additives in the natural ingredient. We use high-tech rapid freezing methods on the confinement soups, in order to maintain the freshness and flavor of chicken soup, while preserving it for at least 18 months. Choose Nan Yang Herbal Soups Malaysia by Red Yeast. You no longer need to brew medicinal herbal soup on your own! Just a few simple steps, and you can enjoy the hot and steaming medical herbal soup. Explore Medical Herbal Soups online store Malaysia by Red Yeast to purchase and taste the unique Nan Yang medicinal cuisine flavor.

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