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Title: “dietary therapy and Taste Activities“

This event is a comprehensive “body check up” launched by Nourish-Tech Chinese Medicine and Lifecare. That day will have a one-hour talk, lecture by our founder Dr. Ngiam Chee Jieh, who will share insights on “dietary therapy and Taste Perception,” guiding attendees to examine the connection between ingredients and health, and ultimately restore sensory awareness.
*Special discounted health check packages are available on site:
*Nearly 50% off on select health screening packages.
*Free ECP (external counter pulsation) service.
*Free liver function test (worth RM300).Medical reports are collected the next day and analyzed by our chief TCM physician.
*Exclusive TCM consultation coupons at Bangsar & Cheras branch.
Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the interplay between dietary therapy, taste and overall health care. You cab also take advantage of special offers on wellness screening packages and personalized consultations to deepen your understanding of the important link between dietary choices and sensory restoration.

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